Who we are

“I will lift my eyes to the hills from where my help comes from.”

Our name is taken from Psalm 121:1-2. This ascent Psalm is intended to cause its reader to take courage. However, the object of the courage is not in the hill or the mountain. The object of our courage is knowing our help comes from the Lord Himself, which is made clear in the second verse.

During a war, the hill is known to be a very advantageous and strategic location. Since the elevation is higher than that of the surrounding area, a position atop the hill can provide a vantage point where movement can be monitored. A hill provides the daunting task of forcing the opposition to lose stamina while attempting to climb and fight upwards, thus increasing their probability of defeat.

The Hill is a fixed location of elevation, vision, protection and advantage. It’s a sanctuary for the lost, and a home for the homeless and hopeless. The Hill Church is where real people, display real love for real life.


Elevate Jesus in a lost world so that He may call people to Himself.
Psalm 121:1-2 | John 12:32


We are committed to contextualizing the gospel. Our focus is to equip and send followers of Jesus to influence their family, community, city and every inch the Holy Spirit provides grace to make Jesus known.
Luke 19:10 | Acts 2:42 | Matthew 10:7


We exist to elevate Jesus in a lost world so that He may call people to Himself.


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